By Possum Carvidi

A wise man once said, rock n' roll tells a young boy lies.  Nothing could be more true.  I know this from experience, because I drank that Kool-Aid at a very early age.  This is, of course, a blessing and a curse, as it results in one of the worst kinds of person: a musician.  I'm not sure how I became one of these people. What I can say is that I have somehow racked up fifteen plus years of contributing live music to San Francisco.  If I never played another show in this city, I would be very proud of that contribution. It's impossible to predict my musical future here, in this constantly changing city.  How I got to this point, however, is both fantastically odd and stereotypically familiar. {...}




Lee Gallagher and The Hallelujah

JAN 28 THU | 9:00PM - Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco, CA

The Seshen, Zakiya Harris feat. Elephantine, Le VICE

JAN 16 SAT | 9:00PM  - The New Parish, San Francisco, CA