By James Weaver


Leftist politics, under King Louis XVI, referred to the seating arrangements in the Estates General, which was a legislative assembly of the different French classes. The leftists had no real power and served strictly as an advisory body. They were kind of like today's lobbyists, but, because of the times, they were only able to offer their professional politicians gratuitous sleigh rides, instead of ski packages. 

The "leftists", were those members who sat on the left side, during the assembly, and who opposed the Monarchy. They represented the disenfranchised, and submitted petitions that addressed fiscal policy.

Today, things haven't changed all that much, except more and more of the world's
"lefties" are marching to the lyrics of The Doobie Brothers, "taking it to the street,"  on a more global basis, while simultaneously discarding what their cultures had previously considered unacceptable behavior, not so long ago. But what prompted them? 

When citizens across this country began "taking it to the street," in support of
two responsible, intelligent, educated citizens, Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, who basically canceled out their lives by pointing out the irreversible and politically-endorsed activities of the NSA, a lot of people took a step back and, for the first time, took a concerted interest in just how far they're willing to support the present and future administrations.

It was really unfortunate for those of you who participated in the Occupy scenario to be "left hanging,’" because, as the evening news pointed out, while many responsible, intelligent, and educated people were in attendance, it was over two weeks, and countless interviews, before a single person could be found who had a list of "demands." Guys in prison are more organized than that!  My point: the proletariat doesn't get that many chances to broadcast problems and solutions on a national scale, so, next time, be ready.

Know this: There are presently over 300 recognized religions in America, and over 3,200 recognized religions (each claiming to be the true religion) in the world. That alone should tell you that peace on earth is out of reach, as long as mankind is here arguing about that. So as long as we're going to be here, we should at least be organized enough to demand how we're governed.       

 My "demand" would be a one-liner. One four-year Term Limit for every Politician and Judge; eligible for re-election after 8-years. Period.